Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our frequently asked questions below. 

In today’s world, immediate customer service has become the standard. IAS is always available and we’re more affordable than the cost of having a full-time employee. Don’t let your business miss an opportunity because your assistant is tied up with another task! Let us handle it for you.

When your phone line rings into our Call Center, our screens immediately display information about your company. This includes the answer phrase you’ve provided us to greet the caller with, call handling instructions for both routine and urgent calls and guidelines on what information to collect. All of this information is programmed into our system and is easily accessible to our operators.

Yes! This is the most common way our customers send their telephone calls to us. This is accomplished using call forwarding features from your phone company.

The web portal is specific to you and your business. From there you can manage your contact information and your transfer, forwarding and message preferences in real-time. You can also access detailed records including date, time, caller ID and how the call was handled for every call.  

Yes. Our new software allows us to be fully HIPAA compliant while providing our healthcare/medical clients with easy, one-click ways to retrieve their phone messages. Our secure messaging software is a web-based application that transmits encrypted data between our answering service operators and our clients.