Our Answering Services

Answering phones 24/7

We have fully trained live telephone operators answering the phone 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our live call answering service ensures your business never misses a call.

Company/Forwarding phone number

Our company provides you a free number to forward your calls to when you are not able to answer them. (gone for the day, weekends, lunch and staff meetings). You also have the option to alleviate the office or receptionist all together by utilizing one of our numbers as your own “office number”. This option is great for contractors who are on the road or out in the field most of the day.

Free message delivery – text – fax – e-mail

Messages delivered instantly by fax or e-mail at completion of the phone call or held for the office to retrieve the next business day.

Emergency after hour call handling

The fact that we are a 24/7 service means an operator is always available to contact on call doctors after hours or contact technicians for HVAC, plumbing or electrical emergencies.

HIPAA compliant

Protecting privacy of the patients and keeping the patient’s personal information and electronic medical records private. Our operators are trained and certified in handling private and confidential medical information.

HIPAA secure portal for message delivery

We have a HIPAA-compliant client portal for doctors to retrieve messages and personal information. It is also a great tool for owners and office administrators to access the daily calls and keep up with all employees on-call schedules and shift changes.